Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Botanical Art Into the Third Millenium

Museo della Grafica

Lilium regale - detail

From 20th April to 15th July 2013, the Italian Museo della Graphica in Pisa, is showing an exhibition entitled Botanical Art into the Third Millennium. In this context is a selection of mixed 20th and 21st century works heralding from the Shirley Sherwood Collection. Included is the life size work of Lilium regale, which is nearly five feet in height, and includes inflorescence, stem, and root system. This piece forms a part of the second room in the exhibition that is showing contemporary drawings by 21st Century Botanical Artists. The show is co-edited by the most eminent Lucia Tongiorgi Tomasi with the assistance of Allesandro Tosi, who are together the museum's Curators. This elegant and highly informative show has been created with the collaboration of Dr Shirley Sherwood. This unique Italian museum, located in the Palazzo Lanfranchi in Pisa, is a beautiful and elegant setting for a wonderful exhibition. 
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Please see the 2008 posts for further details and information on the creation of the Lilium regale work.